Your support team at DeZi provides online and mobile marketplaces where producers can showcase their products and buyers can support local farms. Come join us!

We help to facilitate meaningful connections between producers and buyers through our marketplace and we allow for easy management of the system for administrators. We would love to help you grow!

DeZi connects buyers and sellers.


  • Conveniently connect with buyers
  • Own your workspace
  • Display product photos
  • Tell your farm’s story

System Features

  • Track performance
  • Customize delivery fees & product features

Coming soon

  • QuickBooks
  • Shipping & Delivery


  • Shop easily
  • Credit card processing
  • Mobile and web stores

Coming soon

  • Reorder your favorites

Our Marketplace

The Admin Workspace

Producer Dashboard

  • DeZi was designed with a focus on allowing our clients to maintain their unique identity and showcase those special touches that make their products and services unique.
  • We provide buyers with an efficient system where they can easily create and pay for their orders.
  • Producer and supplier teams will find DeZi’s reports to be helpful in their day-to-day management tasks.
  • The Features built into DeZi, as well as other services offered by our team, bring greater efficiency to producer and supplier processes.
  • This provides our clients more time to focus on other tasks, such as building relationships with producers and clients.

The DeZi Team

Dr. Amit Sharma (Ph.D.)

Founding Partner & President

Amit is the director of the Food Decisions Research Lab at Penn State University, and his research focus is on the economics of local food decisions. Amit's research in South Africa, Iowa, and Pennsylvania inspired him to pursue a way to use technology to create additional sales opportunities for local producers.

Niharika Sharma (Ph.D.)

Founding Partner

When she's not busy in the student financial services office at Penn State, Niharika strives to use local foods in her family's menu every chance she gets and takes pride in supporting local producers. She has been an active supporter and enthusiast of Amit's local foods research from the very beginning.

Jenn Vallimont (M.S.)


Jenn's first-hand agriculture experiences began when she was very young, helping her parents start seeds indoors, raise seedlings in cold frames, and plant a large home garden. Later, she paired-up with a neighbor farm to raise a 4-H market steer and ultimately pursued a master's degree in animal science from Penn State.